ProJoint Plus Reviews: Does it Work? Ingredients, Price at Amazon

As people get older, we always have different types of body pains, like joint pain. There are certain nutrients that can help to reduce the pain, but getting enough of them from our meals alone can be tough. That’s where supplements like ProJoint Plus come in the role. It’s a simple supplement that provides all the essential nutrients our joints need to stay flexible.

In this comprehensive article of ProJoint Plus Review, we will take a look at the natural supplement for body pain recovery i.e., ProJoint Plus. Moving around the terms ProJoint, this article covers such terms as what ProJoint Plus is, ProJoint Plus ingredients, ProJoint benefits with side effects, and finally, check out ProJoint Plus Review to analyze if we should try it as a body pain recovery supplement or not.

ProJoint Plus
ProJoint Plus
Product NameProjoint Plus
Used forJoint Pain
IngredientsAll Natural
Side EffectsNot Found
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What is ProJoint Plus?

ProJoint Plus is a natural supplement made from organic ingredients, designed to reduce joint pain. It’s made up of many special ingredients that can help reduce joint issues like rheumatoid arthritis, which is common in older adults.

Joint inflammation can directly cause joint pain by irritating the nerves in the joint that send pain signals to the brain. ProJoint Plus is a supplement specifically designed to attack this inflammation and help relieve it.

ProJoint Plus is often used and highly praised by older people and those dealing with ongoing and severe bone health issues. While ProJoint Plus isn’t meant to cure joint problems, it does help with issues like limited mobility, pain, swelling, discomfort, and other bone and joint problems.

What are the ProJoint Plus Ingredients?

Now it is time to move ahead with ProJoint Plus Ingredients and explore the secrets behind the scene. We will first check out the natural ingredients included in the ProJoint Plus, and later verify the sources if the benefits are true or not.

ProJoint Plus Ingredients
ProJoint Plus Ingredients

✅ 1. Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine sulfate can help relieve pain for those with knee osteoarthritis. It’s a supplement that can help in managing osteoarthritis and other conditions that cause inflammation. Some studies suggest it might also help slow down the deterioration of knee joints in osteoarthritis patients. This supplement is often used to manage and prevent joint issues like osteoarthritis. It can be taken by mouth or applied directly to the skin using a cream or salve.

A study was conducted on 18 adults who were overweight. They were given 1,500 mg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 1,200 mg of chondroitin sulfate every day for 28 days. The result was a 23% reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP), which is a sign of inflammation in the body, compared to those who were given a placebo (a substance with no therapeutic effect).

2. Boswell is Extract: (NCBI) reported a clinical trial conducted by Raychaudhuri and his team in India. They found that an extract from the Boswellia serrata plant can reduce knee pain and enhance joint function, sometimes in as little as a week. When they analyzed the results of seven different studies, they found that this extract or boswellia was more effective than ibuprofen, glucosamine sulfate, or a placebo in reducing pain and stiffness and improving the function of the joints.

A study in 2003 found that all 30 people who had knee pain due to osteoarthritis (OA) and were given Boswellia reported less knee pain.

3. Chondroitin Sulfate: Chondroitin sulfate is a widely used supplement that people take to help with joint pain. Even though our bodies naturally make it, some people choose to take extra as a supplement because they believe it can help build healthier joints. It’s often used by people who have osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joint pain and stiffness.

In simpler terms, people often use this to help fight the symptoms of osteoarthritis, also known as OA. This is a type of joint disease where the cushioning at the ends of your bones breaks down.

4. Turmeric: Turmeric is a health supplement that has a component called curcumin. Curcumin helps reduce swelling. Studies have shown that turmeric can help ease the pain of arthritis in the joints.

A research study found that people with knee arthritis who took 2 grams of turmeric every day for six weeks felt less pain when they walked and climbed stairs. Curcumin, a component in turmeric, can also help to stop swelling and reduce symptoms like pain.

5. Quercetin: Quercetin is a substance found in fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It can help reduce swelling, protect the body from damage, and boost the immune system. Research has shown that quercetin can help with arthritis in the knee, joint pain from rheumatism, and muscle pain after working out. 

Women with rheumatoid arthritis who took 500 milligrams of quercetin every day for 8 weeks saw big improvements in their symptoms, disease activity, and health assessment questionnaire scores.

6. Methionine: Methionine is a type of protein building block that the liver turns into a natural compound called SAMe. This compound may help with joint pain from arthritis. In studies, SAMe supplements worked as well as common anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce morning stiffness, pain, and swelling, improve movement, and speed up walking.”

7. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethanme): MSM is a natural source of sulfur. It can help with things like joint pain and skin inflammation. MSM in supplements is man-made. People mainly use these supplements for arthritis, joint pain, recovery after workouts, and allergies.

Research has found that MSM can help to lower swelling in your body. It also stops cartilage, which is a bendy material that safeguards the ends of your bones at joints, from breaking down.

A study looked at 100 people who were over 50 years old. They found that taking a supplement with 1,200 mg of MSM for 12 weeks reduced joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, compared to a fake treatment.

8. Bromelain: Bromelain is a mix of enzymes that break down proteins. It comes from the stem, fruit, and juice of the pineapple plant. A review of medical studies found that bromelain can reduce inflammation and pain. This makes it a good treatment for pain, swelling in the soft tissues, and stiff joints linked to osteoarthritis. The review mainly looked at how well Bromelain treats arthritis in the knee and shoulder.


How Does ProJoint Plus Work?

ProJoint Plus helps by tackling joint pain and stiffness. Its special formula is made to help joint health in many ways, giving full support to your joints. The way ProJoint Plus works is by helping the health of your cartilage – the squishy tissue that pads your joints and stops your bones from grinding against each other. By feeding your cartilage, ProJoint Plus helps keep it strong and bendy, which is important for easy and pain-free joint movement.

How to Take ProJoint Plus?

It’s easy to take ProJoint Plus. It is recommended to take three capsules a day with meals. You can take all three at once or one each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For faster results, it’s recommended to take six capsules a day for the first two weeks. You can do this by taking three capsules at breakfast and three at dinner. Alternatively, you can take two capsules each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Note: If you have any health issues or you’re on medicine, then make an appointment with the doctor before trying the ProJoint Plus.

What are the benefits of ProJoint Plus?

  1. Supports Cartilage Health: VitaPost ProJoint Plus contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These are key ingredients that help keep your cartilage and joints healthy.
  2. Supports Joint Health: Sports can be tough on your joints. To keep them healthy, it’s important to give your body the right nutrients. Taking VitaPost ProJoint Plus is a good way to get extra nutrients that support joint health.
  3. Supports Healthy Joint Mobility: Eating healthy is important for keeping your joints in good shape. If you need more nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin, you might want to consider trying ProJoint Plus.
  4. Improved Joint Structure: Ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin can strengthen your joints. So, taking ProJoint Plus can help make your joints more robust and prevent injuries.

What are the ProJoint Plus Side Effects?

According to the many people who used ProJoint Plus are helpful, some might have minor stomach issues like feeling sick or having diarrhea, particularly when they first start taking it. If you’re allergic to shellfish, be careful because glucosamine often comes from shellfish. 

Note: If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health problems, it’s important to speak with your doctor before you start taking ProJoint Plus.

What about the ProJoint Plus Review?

Now, it is time to go ahead with ProJoint Plus Reviews, in this section, we will check out the different reviews of the people who used the ProJoint Plus and shared their journey.

Hip Relief – John Caley

I began using ProJoint Plus in November 2022 after trying several other joint products to relieve both hips that were getting worse by the day during daily walking exercises.

I wasn’t getting any relief from the other products I had used for several months so after doing some research, I decided to give ProJoint Plus a try.

Within two weeks of use, both hips gradually subsided and at the end of 1 month, I was completely free and able to increase my mileage.

I can only attribute the relief to ProJoint Plus and I’m thankful that I can avoid a series of steroid injections or undergo total hip replacements.

I highly recommend trying ProJoint Plus for several weeks or months if you’re suffering from joints.

You made my grandma happy – Jeannette

I’m writing on behalf of my grandma, she’s 80 and has been taking ProJoint Plus for 4 months. She asked that I send a quick message to say thanks. She loves the product and the cat picks up the cat again. Awesome!

Been great for my ACL – Steve

I did my ACL playing soccer when I was 18, I’ve had surgery and everything but it’s always been a bit wobbly since. I’ve been taking ProJoint Plus now for about a month and my knee feels a lot more sturdy.

Lovely customer service guy – Sylvia Lee

I called ProJoint Plus and the guy was so lovely and pleasant to talk with. He knew a lot about the product. I ordered 4 bottles with him. Can’t wait to start using this product!

So far so good! – Terri

I’ve been taking this for 3 weeks. Ordered from Amazon and decided to try this product before I tried Relief Factor (based on price point, amount of pills you need to take daily, and reviews from muscle/joint magazines). What I notice so far is that I haven’t reduced my workouts and have been doing some pretty hard yard work too. I will continue to give this product a chance for a few more months before judging. Also on the plus side, ProJoint Plus has not bothered my stomach either (which is a huge plus!).

Quick customer service response – Quick customer service response

I’ve made a mistake while filling in my shipping address. I wrote Leavenworth instead of Leawood, where I live. My daughter lives in Leavenworth. Luckily I received the confirmation email right after I placed my order and was able to see the mistake. I sent an email to customer service and they responded within minutes saying my address details were updated. Very efficient people.

Playing the guitar again – Harry

I had to stop playing the guitar because of my wrist. I had to leave the band. It was so frustrating. But I decided to do something about it. I changed my diet and started taking ProJoint Plus. It’s been two months and I’m playing the guitar again and back to the band, which is awesome! I can say this product has made a huge difference.

Better than other supplements – Doug

I used to play soccer in college and university and it took a toll on my knees. I had ACL surgery twice and my knees have suffered for years. I try to stay away from drugs as much as possible. I came across projoint and gave it a go. I like it, it has helped a lot day to day.

What is the price of ProJoint Plus?

According to the official company, ProJoint Plus’s price is distributed in different numbers of bottles. Let’s explore the price and other discounts and offers.

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ProJoint Plus Pricing
ProJoint Plus Pricing
  • The price of one bottle of ProJoint Plus is $39.95.
  • The price of two bottles of ProJoint Plus is $75.95. + Save $3.95.
  • The price of three bottles of ProJoint Plus is $113.94 + get 1 bottle free. Also, you save $45.86.

Also, there is an additional offer available to the user if you subscribe to the order, then you can save an additional 10% on future orders.

ProJoint Plus: Conclusion

ProJoint Plus supplement for people who want to look after their joints. It has an impressive list of natural ingredients, including things like glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and quercetin, to name a few. These ingredients are known to help relieve joint pain, lower inflammation, and improve overall flexibility.

It is important to note that what works well for one person might not work the same for another. If you’re curious about ProJoint Plus, take your time, look into it, and talk to your doctor. It’s important to make a well-informed decision that’s best for your health. After all, you know your own body better than anyone else.