Amiclear Review 2024 (Real or Fake) “Amiclear” Drops Reviews for Diabetes, Read an Expert Opinion!

Amiclear is a blood sugar formula that claims to support blood sugar levels and keep it in check. This is selling only online and the brand claims that it can help to manage the blood sugar level and maintain it.

But, does Amiclear Really work? and does it have ingredients proven to support the claims? Is Amiclear for diabetes? Does it have any risk of side effects? And what about the real user’s feedback for it?

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Ingredients:All Natural
Side Effects:None
Rating and Reviews:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆4.3/5.0
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Hi there, this is Dr Roman Off, and welcome to my Amiclear Review. In this review, we will understand everything about this blood sugar formula, and helps to clear all the questions. In addition, we will share some real customer reviews and their experiences too.

Amiclear Review – An Overview

In a world where health takes center stage, Amiclear shines as a ray of hope for those seeking to manage their blood sugar levels effectively. With the ever-increasing prevalence of diabetes and related health challenges, Amiclear stands out as a natural solution to the common problem of fluctuating blood sugar.

There are a lot more things to know about this solution from an expert point of view. So be with this Amiclear Review to know everything about it in more detail.

What is Amiclear?

Amiclear Bottle
Amiclear Bottle

Amiclear is a natural formula that comes in drop form and helps to regulate the blood sugar level of the user’s body. This product does not require any prescription because it is natural and anyone above 18 years old can use it this they want to manage the fluctuation of the sugar level. Even some of the ingredients of the Drops are good for type 2 diabetes.

Amiclear is a composition of 8 effective ingredients that are natural and safe. The good thing is that the used ingredients like Gymnema Sylvestre, and Ginseng are good for the blood sugar level and also control the cravings for sugar.

In addition, Amiclear is good for diabetes, and the whole formula is quite safe to use. The products are made in the USA and follow strict guidelines and are manufactured under a GMP-certified lab. I personally found this formula quite effective and easy to use. Manufacturers are using advanced technology and effective ingredients to invent this solution.

Now let’s learn about the Amiclear creators and other information information.

About Amiclear Creator

The official website mentioned the creator’s name, Jeffrey Mitchell. The company is USA-registered but sells all over the world.

Jeffrey Mitchell wants to help others with their product because he also goes through this problem and after long research, he created this solution for managing the fluctuation of Blood Sugar. This product helps thousands of people and still counting.

Amiclear Ingredients Analysis:

Amiclear Ingredients list
Amiclear Ingredients list

Amiclear is a composition of 8 effective ingredients. All the ingredients in this formula are natural and safe. In addition, the studies support the ingredient’s effectiveness and claims. So let’s see them one by one:

  1. Maca Root: This is the first ingredient in the list, as per the official website and it can help to boost the energy level. Even a 2016 study found that it helps in boosting energy levels and mood.
  2. Guarana: Guarana is rich in caffeine, and helps in boosting the metabolism by 3-11%. Due to this effect, it also helps in losing weight and supports a better sugar level.
  3. Grape Seeds: This is also used in Amiclear, and it is found good for blood pressure and maintains blood circulation. Studies also say that it can help with brain and heart health.
  4. African Mango: Along with fat-burning agent this is also good for blood sugar and helps in maintaining the cholesterol level. The ingredients are also used in other weight loss supplements.
  5. Ginseng: This is a herb that is rich in antioxidants, and research found that it can offer many health benefits such as brain, immune system, and blood sugar. This ingredient is good for blood sugar and helpful for both with or without diabetes.
  6. Gymnema: This is a plant-based ingredient, and offers many health benefits like controlling sugar cravings and also lowering the high blood sugar levels. In addition, fights against inflammation, supports weight loss, and manages cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  7. Astragalus: This is a good ingredient that helps in boosting the immune system and improves heart health.
  8. Coleus: Also known as Forskolin is a known ingredient for weight loss and also supports blood pressure issues.

Now we have understood all about the Amiclear ingredients and found good and effective for blood sugar and other health issues.

Now let’s see more about its functioning…

How does Amiclear Drop work?

Amiclear works well for blood sugar, the ingredients present in this formula have many essential nutrients and vitamins that make the working process of this formula quite effective and safe.

The Gymnema of this product works effectively by Reducing Sugar Cravings by Making Sweet Foods Taste Less Appealing. Ginseng is rich in antioxidants and interacts with the immune system too, and helps to manage the fluctuation of the blood sugar level.

The real user suggests taking Amiclear with a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Taking it as recommended by the seller will help to make this product work more efficiently. The best thing about its working is that it also aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system.


The product looks safe and the ingredients are also good and natural, which is a good indication that Amiclear will benefit its users and help them. Here are a few benefits I personally found:

  • Helps to manage Blood Sugar: The formula is made for this benefit and uses a really good choice of ingredients for it. The Amiclear Drops contain effective ingredients that help to manage the fluctuation of blood sugar by reducing the cravings for sweets and balancing it.
  • Aid in weight loss: This is another benefit that we found, the formula uses some weight loss ingredients too, which aid in losing weight which is helpful for blood sugar issues.
  • Support heart and brain health: The product contains Grape Seeds which are good for heart health, and Maca root in these Drops are helpful for mood and brain health. So, the product is quite good for overall health.
  • Boost the Energy Level: One of the ingredients of this product is rich in caffeine which helps in boosting energy levels naturally.

How to take the dosage of Amiclear Drops?

It is easy to take the dosage of Amiclear, just a few drops a day, and that is it. The website and bottle says that just take it before your breakfast or dissolve it in a glass of water for best results. I think this is easy to take the dose of the drops like other drops just a few drops are enough.

Research-Backed Amiclear Blood Sugar Drops

There are two powerful ingredients used in this formula and backed by the research, I am talking about Gymnema and Ginseng.

Gymnema or Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant that is known for its anti-diabetic properties. This ingredient of Amiclear also called Gurmar, which means a destroyer of sugar.

In addition, the Gymnema sylvestre can also hinder receptors in your digestive system, which prevents the absorption of sugar and subsequently decreases your blood sugar levels after a meal.

Also, studies say that taking 200-400mg of this may aid in reducing the intestinal absorption of sugar glucose.

Another study of Gymnema says that it can help in managing the blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Now Ginseng is also used in Amiclear, which is also found good and beneficial in the control of Blood Sugar levels for both people with and without diabetes.

A study of 8 weeks showed that taking American ginseng can help in the long term for blood sugar control.

So we found that the ingredients present in Amiclear Blood Sugar Support Drops are backed by science and studies, which means using this product can benefit you for blood sugar.

Will Amiclear cause side effects?

This is a big concern regarding our health, Questions like Is this product safe to use? Does it cause any side effects? arise in our minds.

So, the good thing about the Amiclear Blood Sugar formula is that it is safe to use, because there are no chemicals in it, and it uses 100% natural ingredients for its composition which make it risk-free.

The studies and its ingredients also found good and very low chances of having side effects. But still, we highly recommend consulting a professional before using any supplement like this.

Is Amiclear good for diabetes?

Well, a lot of benefits come with this solution, and one more benefit is that it may help with diabetes too, as I discussed above the used ingredients are backed by science, and in those studies, we saw that the ingredients of Amiclear are good for diabetes.

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Amiclear Real Customer Reviews and Complaints

Here are a few real customer reviews we found, there are mixed reviews negative and positive.

A User Anaid on Amazon and 10 others said that it is a good product.

Amazon com Customer reviews Amiclear Healthy Sugar Support Supplement
Amazon com Customer reviews Amiclear Healthy Sugar Support Supplement

Another user Luzann Thrope and 9 others said that This works wonders it is awesome.

Again, an Amazon customer with a 4-star rating said it is lowering his blood sugar.

Bad Customer reviews for Amiclear Healthy Sugar Support Supplement


Willian Boldt with a 3-star rating said, “When you advertise a product you should mention that it may not work on everyone.”

I used this product just the way that it said and it did nothing for me. I am sorry but for me, it does not work.

This complaint is obvious because every product does not work the same for everyone.

Where to buy Amiclear and Price?

It is only available on the official website, we do not suggest finding this product on Amazon or other platforms, because the risk of hoax products is higher when buying from a non-official website.

The prices are as follows on the official website:

  • Single Bottle Cost $69
  • Three Bottle cost $59/each
  • Six Bottle cost $49/each

Buying Amiclear’s official website also provides some other benefits too like, can getting extra bonuses and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Right now, the company is offering 2 bonuses 1st one is The Ultimate Tea Remedies book and 2nd is Learn How to Manage Diabetes, these book helps you to know tips for managing blood sugar levels.

Pros And Cons of Amiclear Drops


  • It helps to manage the fluctuation of Blood Sugar
  • Reduce the craving for sweets
  • This uses natural ingredients that are backed by science
  • Made in the USA under a GMP-certified lab
  • GMO-Free formula
  • Easy to take the dros of Amiclear
  • Comes at a good price
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Customers are happy with the results


  • Hard to find more detail about the creator Jeffrey Mitchell
  • The seller is offering it only on its official website
  • Many copies of this product floating on the internet
  • The results may vary from person to person
  • The original product is only available on the official website


Amiclear is a good option and may help you with the blood sugar issue. But still, I highly recommend to consult a professional before using it.

The formula is quite safe and natural, and the good thing is that it is easy to use. The product is made in a certified lab and the ingredients are backed by studies. So, using it may give you effective results.

The customer reviews are mixed and found good for some users. If you want to buy this product then we suggest visiting the official website which gives good offers and bundles.

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